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Launch of our Blog

Hey readers! In light of the overwhelming support for the AC Sisterhood movement we received on Twitter, we decided to launch a WordPress Blog. Hooray! ๐ŸŽ‰

This blog will be the only official, verified portal for news, statements and all things AC Sisterhood.

We hope that you will enjoy this new blog. Please note that this site is still very much a work in progress and some elements may change over the future. If you have any suggestions for any features you would like to see here, please do reach out!

Your AC Sisterhood Team

Published by acsisterhood

AC Sisterhood is a movement that strives to highlight women's accomplishments as well as the challenges they face within the video game industry. Started by a group of passionate Assassin's Creed fans in 2020, the movement advocates for fair and equitable treatment of all who work in games, and solidarity and safe conditions for the players who engage with those games.

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