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AC Sisterhood Partners with Save The Children for Community Fundraiser

AC Sisterhood, along with many other Assassin’s Creed fan communities, are partnering with the organization Save The Children to raise funds for those affected by the recent earthquakes in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria. The fundraiser will run from February 22nd until March 7th. Visit for more information.

AC Sisterhood Interviews Ubisoft’s Anika Grant and Raashi Sikka

In September AC Sisterhood interviewed the employee advocacy group known as ABetterUbisoft about their ongoing petition for better working conditions at Ubisoft. In this exclusive interview, Ubisoft’s Anika Grant (Chief People Officer) and Raashi Sikka (Vice President Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility) give their thoughts on the progress made at Ubisoft and plans for the future.

AC Sisterhood Interviews ABetterUbisoft

One year ago the employee group known as ABetterUbisoft kicked off their public campaign and signed an open letter to Ubisoft management, calling for more action to tackle reports of abuse. In this exclusive interview, ACSisterhood interviewed individual members of ABetterUbisoft. The responses reflect individuals’ own personal views. We’re using pseudonyms to protect their identities.

Best Wishes for 2022

A look back at the state of the video game industry as we enter 2022, and a review of the AC Sisterhood’s accomplishments in 2021.

Our 1st Anniversary: Glancing Back and Forging Onward

The summer of 2020 shocked many gamers as a wave of sexual abuse and misconduct allegations swept through social media, revealing that leadership at Ubisoft had for years allowed toxic behavior to thrive within the company culture. The stories that came out left many fans and employees hurt and disillusioned by the company they had…

AC Sisterhood x BCRF

For International Women’s Day the AC Sisterhood joins Discord for a joint fundraiser to support BCRF. We invited several Community Members to join us on this incredible journey and together we will be hosting a week of gaming, crafting and art streams to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research Foundation. About BCRF The Breast Cancer…

Launch of our Blog

Hey readers! In light of the overwhelming support for the AC Sisterhood movement we received on Twitter, we decided to launch a WordPress Blog. Hooray! 🎉 This blog will be the only official, verified portal for news, statements and all things AC Sisterhood. We hope that you will enjoy this new blog. Please note that…

The Assassin’s Creed Sisterhood movement explained

The statement below sets out the goals of the AC Sisterhood movement and explains how and why the movement was formed. 1) What is AC Sisterhood? AC Sisterhood is a community-led initiative by fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Our purpose is: to highlight, appreciate and support women in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, the community…

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